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shanae 2Meet Shanae

Shanae received her £5,000 deposit 6 months earlier than if she was saving alone and saved £600 by using our recommended partners for her buying needs.





Meet Patience

Patience was drawn in month 5 of her StepLadder Circle meaning she was able to get her property deposit faster than if she had been raising it alone. 

"I never thought I would draw so quickly"


AdeMeet Ade

Ade raised his property deposit using StepLadder and was featured in 'The Telegraph' talking about how he managed to purchase his first home. 

"It gives you a sense of accomplishment!"


Jade imagee


Meet Jade

Jade managed to raise her property deposit with the support of the StepLadder Community 7 months ahead of schedule and was at our monthly Draw when she was awarded her money!



MerMeet Mercedes

Mercedes joined our Stepping Out Circle in partnership with Cashmere and raised £500 which she use to treat herself to some Gucci Sandals.

"Very helpful for easily keeping you disciplined!"



JacquelineMeet Jacqueline

Jacqueline also joined the Stepping Out Circle and used her £500 to purchase some luxury skincare and make-up from Charlotte Tilbury.

"It’s been a really good experience!"



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*Capital at Risk, Not FSCS Eligible.

Using StepLadder’s P2P product you will lend to and borrow from other Members in your Circle

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