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Luciana & Danylo 

Received their £5,000 deposit in April 2018

Luciana and Danylo, moved to South East London from Brazil in December 2016 and came across StepLadder after seeing an advert on Facebook. They immediately recognised the model as a consórcio from their home country, Brazil, where this model of financing is commonly used.

"The idea that we could win any month really inspired us to keep saving! Our Circle host Matt was always available to answer any questions and provided us with advice all the way through our home buying journey!"


Amish Patel 

Received his £12,000 deposit in January 2018

As part of the first circle of savers in the UK, accountant Amish from Esher can now use the funds from his StepLadder Circle to purchase his first property, months ahead of his schedule. He is still committed to pay a regular sum into his circle for months to come, but for now he is able to enjoy the benefits of buying his first home sooner. Having rented in central London for years, followed by a period of living at home, Amish is excited about the prospect of homeownership.

“It's probability, I wanted to give myself the best chance of getting on the property ladder sooner. Thanks to StepLadder I was able to start house hunting a whole year earlier!”

Shaan Ahmed 

Received their £12,000 deposit in March 2018

Shaan Ahmed is hoping to buy house by the end of the year, expecting it to cost between £200,000 and £250,000. After discovering StepLadder, he joined a circle to see if he could get his property deposit faster! 

“I was scrolling on Instagram and came across Stepladder, which said it could help me get my deposit faster. I thought the idea was interesting. Now with our deposit in hand, we can find somewhere we really want”

StepLadder Member

Meet our StepLadder Members!

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