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Ode to the First Time Buyer

Getting on the property ladder is no easy task. Our First Time Buyer shares your pain! Watch how she reached her homebuying goal by working with peers to raise her property deposit.


"You’re saving money for a house, a little bit each day.

No avocados, brunch or wine. That’s what the ‘experts’ say.

Your weekly search on Zoopla, for a place to call your own,

shows just how big the goal is, and you're saving all alone.

You have no bank of mum and dad, nor riches in the attic,

you've tried to save, but to be fair, attempts have been sporadic.

Don’t panic first time buyer, StepLadder’s here for you!

And now that someone’s on your side, you could buy your first home too.

We’ll try to get your deposit, to get you in your home,

we're a peer to peer solution, so you'll never be alone.

See raising money on your own, can be a complete disaster,

but if you join StepLadder, you could get your money faster."


StepLadder is a friend to the first time buyer and we aim to empower you to reach your dream home goals. If you're looking to buy your first home, see if we can help!

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First Time Buyers

Michaela Regan

Michaela is the Head of Communications at StepLadder and is passionate about helping people be at their best!

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