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StepLadder at the First Time Buyer Show

It is that time again for the First Time Buyer Show, and this time we were in Manchester! This event supports thousands of first time buyers looking to get on the property ladder, with exhibitors ranging from mortgage and legal advice to a wide range of properties and new homes that are currently on the market; it is the one stop shop for people looking to purchase their first home.

With the large amount of capital required for deposits and increasing house prices, many first time buyers are likely to think they do not stand chance of owning a home. StepLadder and all of the exhibitors at the show are there to support buyers and help them get the advice they need to get on the property ladder.

StepLadder works by empowering people to work together to reach a goal.  It uses a system known as a ROSCA (Rotating Savings and Credit Association) which is known by local names all over the world.  They are called Partners in the Caribbean and Committees in Pakistan. We illustrated this using country flags and the local name on our stand at the show, which attracted many people from the various countries where they are used. It was also great to meet people who are already involved in such saving clubs with family and friends. 

Home ownership is the dream of so many young people and StepLadder wants to prove that is an attainable goal. Find out more about StepLadder and see if we could help you get on the property ladder faster!


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First Time Buyers

Lucy at StepLadder

Lucy is Co-Founder and COO of StepLadder. She is passionate about health and fitness, and being a PANK (Professional Auntie No Kids!). She is a trained executive coach and loves cheerleading people towards their goals!

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