Meeting our Circle members

Open house at StepLadder HQ! We invited prospective members into the StepLadder HQ to met the team, ask their questions, and find out how we could help them get on the property ladder faster! It was great getting to know our members and prospective members who are keen to see if they could get on the property ladder faster!

At StepLadder, we are always looking to meet first time buyers, keen to get on the property ladder faster to see how we could help! If you are raising money for a property deposit and want to chat to our team, you can book a meeting here, or come along to one of our events!

Keen to join? See which Stepladder circle might be for you! Check them out here

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First Time Buyers

Lucy at StepLadder

Lucy is Co-Founder and COO of StepLadder. She is passionate about health and fitness, and being a PANK (Professional Auntie No Kids!). She is a trained executive coach and loves cheerleading people towards their goals!

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