Want a secret weapon that could supercharge your savings?

It might sound like something you’d buy at an East London bakery, but a ROSCA could be your secret weapon when it comes to getting in to a savings habit and achieving your financial goals.

So, what is a ROSCA? It’s a way of working together collaboratively rather than saving alone. Sometimes known as lending circles, it’s when a group of people coming together to help each other save money.

ROSCA stands for a Rotating Savings and Credit Association. Millions of people around the world understand and use this collaborative concept and you might know it too using a more familiar name. 

So from Lagos to Lahore, Kingston to Karachi, and Mexico City to Mumbai – people are working together using Ajos, Committees, Partners and Chit Funds, to support each other to achieve their financial goals.

This model of financing is collaborative, inspiring and has been used around the world throughout history. If you’ve come across this method of working together with other people to raise money let us know and tell us what you call it!

StepLadder circles are based on this model of collaborative borrowing and lending. And we’re all about collaboration here at StepLadder so we’ve launched a referral programme for you to introduce your friends and family and get rewarded in the process.

Lucy at StepLadder

Lucy is Co-Founder of StepLadder and Head of the Membership Team. She is also a professional coach who loves helping people achieve their goals.

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