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The Beauty of Doing Things Together

We live in a generation where it feels like we’re at both ends of the spectrum, on one end we have people of power leading us down wrong paths, creating environments and people that are inhabitable and irresponsible, on the other end? We have a brand new generation that is using their voices for power, they’re leading us into the next chapter of our lives, creating a world that’s better, greener, more socially responsible. The way to achieve a better result? Working together. Creating communities. Taking part.

What exactly is a community? No matter where you are or where you live, you have a home. Whether it be the 4 walls around you that allow you to sleep comfortably at night, or it is the neighbours and friends you have in the local area providing safe spaces and things to do, a home is a home, a community coming together. Without communities, we would be alone, minimal contact with the outside world living day to day, with no real purpose to this beautiful life. Communities allow us to support our peers, grow as one, achieve our goals and build invaluable relationships and bonds with one another.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with your local community:

  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Support local businesses
  • Carry out random acts of kindness
  • Become more active in local community events
  • Plus many more!

By supporting local businesses, charities and attending community events, you’re contributing to your local community. By spending time and money at these events and activities you’re providing platforms for future success that businesses and charities can use to grow and support both themselves and others to become a much more financially healthier community. Your neighbourhoods will continue to benefit from these financial injections and you’ll all start to reap the rewards. However, remember, it’s not all on you to ensure the success of your community, otherwise, that wouldn't be a community, would it? Encourage others to join you at these events, to take part and to also support a great cause. Don't take it upon yourself, and don't give more than you can afford, every little helps regardless of size, and if you need help calculating this from your monthly income and spends, why not use an app that helps you? A personal favourite of ours is acasa, a bill expenses app, they take care of both your bills and expenses.

Influencing your community financially isn't the only option, so put the wallet away, its ok. Just by providing your time to your neighbours, friends, and neighbourhood, you can also influence the outcomes of your community. Time is just as valuable as money, communities are always looking for volunteers to come together to help finish big projects, cover understaffed events and help raise the awareness of great causes. So if you feel like you don't have the disposable income to do your bit, then don't fear, like we said, there's plenty more opportunities to volunteer, take part and help bring people closer together.

So, the next time you’re out and about in your neighbourhood, take a second to stop and think about what you can do for your community, can you make a difference? Hopefully, this article has brought into perspective just the sheer amount of important work local volunteers do week in week out to help your local area thrive, but also hopefully we’ve helped influence you to get out the door and do your part too. There’s a beauty to doing things together for the greater good, and there’s a whole world of those opportunities just waiting for you on the other side of your doorstep, so go on get out there and get cracking!

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