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Cutting Down on the Avocados in 2018

This article from Elle Hunt at the Guardian hits so close to home!

She’s great in both her diary & associated commentary at highlighting that reaching that first rung on the property ladder requires both head & heart. StepLadder is here to help.

The first part is getting a consistent discipline around regularly setting aside money. A top-down look at monthly expenses - like we do with our Apply form - can reveal a budget that allows a for taking a slice every month of that property deposit goal. Making that fixed monthly contribution regularly and not dipping into the bank balance - that can be tricky on your own. At StepLadder, our members set up their agreed fixed monthly contributions as direct debits and commit for a set number of months. Why should the gym get money every month and not your dreams?

This leads to the heart of the challenge. Keep focused on that goal. We hear StepLadder members say they benefit from knowing they have taken clear steps on course to reaching that first rung of the property ladder, and not doing it alone. StepLadder aims to match prospective first time home buyers to a group of peers: prospective first time buyers stronger together. For more on how StepLadder works: (how it works link) Remember, as Elle does in her article, the key is wanting that home enough to do something about it - consistently and meaningfully. If you’re interested in learning more about how StepLadder can support your own journey:

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Matthew Addison

Matt is the Founder and CEO of StepLadder. He started StepLadder to make a lasting positive impact on UK first-time home buyers and fix a broken system

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