Life after uni - Starting with money

Once the obligatory snaps of you throwing headgear, and clutching a ribbon tied scroll are through, life after uni begins. Your first paycheck will be an exciting moment, and although you definitely deserve a little treat after all that study, don’t get carried away. 

Starting good money habits early can set you up to take control of your personal finances for life. It isn’t how big your paycheck is, it is about how you handle your money. 

Regular saving, even if only a small amount, builds a habit. Building a habit can help you achieve the things you want to do and reach your goals. There are many ways you could get started with saving after uni that are quick and easy, here are a couple:

1. Open a savings account

When switching from a student to a graduate account, open a savings account too. Set up a direct debit to regularly put whatever you can afford into savings. It will happen automatically and you’ll be saving without thinking.

2. Budget

Your first job may not pay a dream salary, so budgeting is essential. Knowing your money inside out is a great way to stay in control. See our some more tips here. 

3. Save in groups

You did everything together at uni, studying, nights out, last minute essays (it’s ok, we won’t tell) so why not group with like minded people to help you get into the regular habit of putting money aside?

That’s how StepLadder might be able to help

Starting at £25 a month, our First Steps Circles is a Peer-to-Peer product designed to help you stay on track to reach your savings goals, give you the potential to boost your credit score, and perhaps even get there faster. Building the habit early could help set you up to tackle bigger and better goals, like raising a property deposit!

Want to jump start raising your property deposit now? No problem, check out the full range of circles we have available.

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Michaela Regan

Michaela is the Head of Communications at StepLadder and is passionate about helping people be at their best!

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