Mindful Homebuying 101

It will come as no shock that buying a home is a stressful process, one StepLadder guest blogger described it as “gruelling process”. But it is extremely rewarding once you get there; receiving the keys to your first home will be a moment you’ll remember forever. Now, we can’t change the process of buying a house unfortunately, so here are some tips on how to navigate the process mindfully to help you stay calm and minimise stress on your journey to home ownership.

1. Plan your journey

You wouldn’t set off to a destination without knowing how to get there, so you shouldn’t set off on your house buying journey without instructions too.

Ensure you research the stages in buying a house, get advice from professionals and family/friends who have previously purchased. Being aware of the stages of house buying will better equip you for what may come your way. Mountains of paperwork may not sound fun, but it will feel far more stressful if you don’t know it is coming!

2. Get to know your finances

Getting started is the easiest way to get ahead, even if you’re years off buying a house. Understanding your income and outgoings will help you realistically set a budget and work towards homeownership. Take some of the stress out of saving with these tips, and begin your journey to mastering your personal finances.

3. Are you ready for the commitment?

It goes without saying a house is a massive commitment in terms of finance, but it is also a commitment in terms of ownership. Once you complete on that purchase, you are responsible for everything after the process. You get to decorate it however you like, but you also can’t just call a landlord if the boiler breaks down.

4. Set realistic goals

Nobody likes to feel disappointed, so setting realistic goals is essential to manage your mental health. You may have been googling your dream penthouse apartments, but if you can’t afford them, then these are an unrealistic target. Write a list of all the things you would like in your new home, and mark what is essential, then you can look for options within your budget. Remember, you may need to compromise so it is good to know what you can and can’t live without!

5. Work with people you trust

You will deal with many people along the road to homeownership, so make sure you trust who you’re working with. Ask family and friends who might be able to recommend a solicitor, surveyor, estate agent and/or mortgage broker. Working with people who are on your side throughout the process and who can support you will make the process less intimidating!

StepLadder can also help introduce you to service providers who can support you on the journey.

6. Take time to make decisions

Buying a house is no small feat and should not be rushed. Take the time you need to make decisions on prices, people, locations, whatever it may be. You don’t want to feel pressured about the decisions you make, so ensure you give yourself time to process all the information and make an informed decision when you’re ready.

Even though it can be gruelling, homeownership is so rewarding and well worth the process. If you want someone on your side, why not chat to our friendly team who are on hand to support you through your journey. Get in touch here.

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Michaela Regan

Michaela is the Head of Communications at StepLadder and is passionate about helping people be at their best!

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