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Money Stories - I used to live pay check to pay check.

I used to live pay check to pay check every month. I had a decent income so I was not necessarily struggling to get by, but at the end of each month my account balance would basically be on £0. Whether it was Christmas shopping, weddings or September (where 3 of my siblings have birthdays), there was always an opportunity to spend my money, leaving me with nothing at the end. My savings remaining non-existent. 

What is your biggest struggle with money?

Planning and budgeting; I used to just go with the flow and see how I ended up each month.

What is your tip to help others save?

Pay yourself first! Get into a habit of putting money away as soon as you get paid and you kind of forget about whilst it builds, before you know it you're making progress.

This money story was written by Osei Downes. 


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Money Stories

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